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About ALG.

Hi from our Founder

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Welcome to those of you who are visiting our website for the first time. And, welcome back to all of those who have been waiting for our new-look website to be launched. The mothballing of our original website gave us the necessary time and space needed to reconfigure several of our institutional arrangements, funding strategies and mechanisms, and at the same time develop our home-grown learning materials. In the interim, we have secured the legal protection of a range of products built around the concepts of adaptive capacity, collaboration and constellational leadership systems. We have also developed and piloted leadership brands based upon cosmology, together with statistical theory and transformative concepts, namely binary, outlier and Black Doughnut leadership systems respectively.

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Our Journey

The birth of the concept of the African Leadership Group of companies pre-dates the demise of apartheid or the advent of open democracy. Many agree that the period after the 1976 Soweto uprisings unleashed a period of robust, disciplined and forward-looking dialogue about the shape and form of South Africa without apartheid. Much of this dialogue centred on the subject of leadership. One of the most frequently asked questions was, “Is the country in a position to produce the calibre of leaders capable of taking the new South Africa along Clem Sunter’s “high road” to freedom, peace and prosperity?” More specifically, captains of industry sought assurances that the country’s black community would deliver into the country’s corporate boardrooms the men and women who possessed a higher brand of leadership discipline, ethics and morality. Assurances were duly given that this leadership subscribed to loftier yet highly principled leadership values and conduct.

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Our Group Structure

A twin organisational structure has been established comprising the African Leadership Development Trust and the African Leadership Group, under which the full suite of African Leadership Programmes has been developed and is now being marketed.

The African Leadership Development Trust is a Public Benefits Organisation (PBO) and acts as the custodian of our vision and objectives. The Trust sets strategy, determines policy and monitors the African Leadership Group, in line with world-class governance principles and leadership practices.

The African Leadership Group (Pty) Ltd acts as the operational arm of the Trust and takes responsibility for the design and implementation of programmes and projects. Further, the Group secures partnerships or alliances with third party organisations and institutions that support the mission of the Trust. The subsidiary operations of the Group are designed to implement specific objectives and priorities in line with the organisation’s broad mandate and are intended to help strengthen the quality, effectiveness and reach of the formal learning programmes.


Who we are

African Leadership Group (Pty) Ltd is a consulting company that has been specialising in organizational, leadership and strategy development since 1982;
The company has amassed considerable experience and expertise in offering a full spectrum of consulting services from strategy formulation to monitoring of strategy implementation, organizational culture surveys, leadership and management reviews and development, planning and execution of mentorship and related management support programs, customer satisfaction surveys, monitoring of stakeholder relationships especially in areas involving management/labour, government/labour, and state/corporate management.

The African Leadership Group possesses the requisite technical capacity, competencies and experience gained over three decades of involvement in leadership and management capacity-building on behalf of medium to large organisations operating across the public, private and civil society sectors, and continues to attract the attention of organisations of all sizes from small to large in search of specialist advisory services including:

  • Organisational Health Assessments
  • Building Adaptive Leadership Capacity
  • Promoting Cohesion and Shared Leadership Values, Style or Approach
  • Reviewing, Development and Framing of Business Strategy
  • Identifying and Nurturing High Value Employees
  • Promoting Employee Self-Confidence, Mutual Trust and Respect
  • Working through Key Stakeholder Relational Dynamics

Our areas of specialisation

  • Strategy Development And Monitoring
  • Organizational Culture Surveys
  • Leadership And Management Reviews And Development
  • Planning and execution of mentorship interventions
  • monitoring of stakeholder relationships

African Leadership Group news goes digital

13 February 2013 – African Leadership Group news goes digital

The month of February sees a revolution in the way that the African Leadership Group engages with its stakeholders when it launches its new website, complete with the latest news, information, downloads and real-time features including a blog, programme feedback points, and the latest training and development course information. Visitors to the new site can take the opportunity to subscribe to various new forms of on-line communication such as newsletters, magazines, news alerts, programme launch alerts, bringing the latest news direct to their laptops and cellphones. For those learners that have attended one of African Leadership Group’s many training and development programmes, check out the Photo Gallery to relive your experiences and to reacquaint yourselves with your fellow learners and tutors. Anyone interested in knowing more about the Group’s various leadership programmes can visit the site, download the individual programme information, and request further information or register on-line.
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Book Now

Applications are now open for our certified Collaborative Leadership Programme, available to a selected number of game-changers – at no cost!

Introducing the Collaborative Leadership Programme – our founder and leadership guru, Eric Mafuna, directed a decade-long Foundational Leadership Research Programme that conducted extensive, comparative analysis of the leadership experiences and lessons to be learned from Africa’s diverse multicultural heritage.  The study concluded that Africa’s developmental problems resulted from leadership that was either under-developed or, quite simply, destructive.  It also found that Africa’s original, pre-colonial leadership institutions were identical to respected systems that still exist today.  Equally important was that elements of these leadership institutions are still relevant and compatible with multi-ethnic democracies found in the world’s developed or developing countries.  Information from this study helped African Leadership Group to develop a home-grown version of leadership based on collective, collaborative and adaptive principles and values that you will experience at first-hand when joining us on our Collaborative Leadership Programme.

The time is now!!!
Applications to attend the certified Collaborative Leadership Programme are now open.  Complete the application and motivation form immediately.

About the Collaborative Leadership Programme – the programme is aligned and accredited to Unit Standard 120300:
Analyse leadership and related theories in a work context.  This is an interactive leadership programme that interrogates the concepts of leadership and management in order to mobilise people to do work that is meaningful in an organisation and actually get that work done, in a truly South African context.  Participants who have demonstrated competence in the activities included in the programme should be able to:

  • Distinguish between the practical roles of leaders and that of managers
  • Be in control, in charge, achieving what they need to do and getting it right.
  • Develop awareness and the capacity to persuade people to do the work that they want them to do.
  • Analyse the dynamics of a situation, interpret undercurrents, demands and expectations.
  • Reach within themselves and capitalize on that which the individual brings to the party.
  • Understand the things that make you a successful person and how to marshal your passions, insights and foresight to tap into the inner experience, values and attitudes of people.

The 2013 Collaborative Leadership Programme will run for 6 weeks (2 days every fortnight).  For each session, 25 learners will be selected from the applications received.

The sessions will run on the following dates:

  1. Session 1:  11-12 April, 25-26 April, 9-10 May
  2. Session 2:  30-31 May, 13-14 June, 27-28 June
  3. Session 3:  1-2 August, 15-16 August, 29-30 August
  4. Session 4:  3-4 October, 17-18 October, 31 October to 1 November

The programme is interactive and requires learners to complete and submit a post-course assignment.  This is a combination of course work, application of learnings, and small group analysis assignments.

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