African Leadership Group

Mapungubwe Exposition

Mapungubwe Heritage and Leadership Exposition

The Mapungubwe Heritage and Leadership Exposition aims to promote an informed appreciation of Africa’s historical role and position, achievements and contribution to the unity and development of the global community.  It has been designed to accommodate a wide variety of formal and information presentations of leadership-centred intellectual discourse, seminars and dialogue sessions.  In addition, it will host celebratory events built around Mapungubwe’s multi-faceted heritage.

The annual presentation of the Mapungubwe Heritage and Leadership Exposition focuses on key components spread across three established themes – leadership heritage, technology and trade, culture and tradition.  It brings together, under one roof, a diverse range of stakeholders and role players who usually conduct their respective businesses with little or no collaboration with each other.  The primary stakeholders in the project include:

  • The citizens of South Africa in general, and the government of Limpopo Province and the Vhembe Municipality in particular
  • Business and business organisations, especially those engaged in large-scale mining, farming and nature conservation
  • Educational institutions, including schools, colleges and universities
  • Political leaders and their organisations
  • Traditional leaders and support structures
  • Community organisations providing developmental support and religious, cultural, recreational and entertainment needs.

The reason for choosing to use Mapungubwe as an appropriate vehicle for the promotion of our national heritage and traditional leadership customs and values revolves around the fact that whilst it ranks as one of the foremost and world-renowned heritage sites, Mapungubwe has yet to fill the hearts and minds of South Africans with national pride and awe.

  • The site represents a rich source of our country’s most formidable achievements in terms of heritage vis-à-vis international trade communication, history and nation-building, enduring indigenous wisdom, culture, traditions and ritual expressions.
  • Mapungubwe is one of our national heritages that exposes pretense and lies about (South) Africa having had neither history nor civilization to crow about i.e. prior to the arrival of the Boer settlers in 1652. This heritage site and its artifacts provide ample opportunity to demonstrate that, prior to conquest and subjugation by foreign forces, (South) Africa has thrived and prospered  as an international destination for global trade and ‘investment’.
  • Mapungubwe gives us the rare opportunity to extract from the obscure pages of our history, ethics and moral traditions, ritual and philosophical lore that will go a long way towards restoring our pride and belief in ourselves, our history, our achievements and our contribution to the advancement of  human kind. The elevation of Mapungubwe’s place in our country’s history and heritage will also help rekindle greater interest in other of our national heritages and leadership.
  • One of the least known and least politically-charged of our national heritages, Mapungubwe offers post-apartheid South Africa an unblemished resource to help re-energise the promotion of an indigenous African leadership that is rooted in and inspired by  a renowned history, traditions and heritage that predates the country’s troubled history. development  . . . ???
  • Given its unique position in the history and development of Southern Africa, Mapungubwe has little or no exclusive associations with any of the ethnic, tribal or cultural groups that have lived and continue to live within the immediate physical location.
  • This world heritage site has connections to a host of stakeholders i.e. local tribes and communities, the provincial and governmental structures, neighbouring countries and communities as well as the United Nations and its member states.
  • Celebratory events around Mapungubwe are guaranteed to draw the attention of and participation from the various stakeholders and role players cited above.
  • Unlike several of our national heritage resources, Mapungubwe is readily accessible to all sectors of our society
  • It predates all our existing national heritage sites in terms of history and origin, enormity and extent of influence upon the affairs of human society

It links together different peoples, their histories, experiences and contribution to the advancement of humankind

For more information on the Mapungubwe Heritage and Leadership Exposition, click here for details.

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